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Science Communication

According to recent studies Science Communication (SciCom) is linked to increased visibility and quality public perception of research and technology. Also academics' scientific productivity is generally positively related to public communication. The offered program by analyzing all types of science communication aims to support all those interested in research dissemination

Science journalism

The main goal of this training program is to help media practitioners, journalists, as well as students and graduates of Journalism Schools to communicate to a wide audience about scientific topics in engaging frames focusing on the interaction of the scientific community with the public

Media training

During this seminar we teach scientists and experts to communicate about their field of expertise by developing media skills, by learning to add news values to their research findings, by presenting smart and compelling stories to the public and by dealing with the media

Social media management

During this training program we provide training opportunities for scientists and researchers to develop a number of crucial marketing and marketing-adjacent social media skills and digital skills. We turn scientists-social media users to marketers, strategists, copywriters, designers, analysts and why not, to bloggers and vloggers.

Effective Public speaking

The ability to effectively communicate and persuade others is a key leadership skill. Storytelling and influencing is the best practice for communication with clarity and impact. In this training program we help researchers and innovators to find their authentic style and share best practice communication strategies to make them more impactful and influential throughout their career. We provide the knowledge about developing effective presentation skills and techniques and giving engaging speeches

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