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Accessible and Shareable Research and Innovation

Shareyouresearch is a unique Greek platform that offers a one-stop solution for high quality content creation specialized in effective research and innovation dissemination for educational, informational or marketing uses, based upon international experience. Having as a unique advantage the understanding of research and innovation and the multilevel knowledge of the Media and the Science Communication we help scientists to reach lay audiences about their research in an attractive, accessible and engaging way.

Our team can help you to:

• Make your research and innovation visible and accessible

• Reach a wide audience for your research and connect with them

• Summarize your research in a clear and compelling message in a shareable format

• Turn your research from simply interesting to attractive

• Pitch to the media

Tailored services for Research and Innovation

The message: with narrative and messaging brand tools

· Audiovisual content

· Storytelling/Texts for Publication

· Multimedia

· Visualization

Dissemination: using the right medium

· Communication

· Media (convetional and digital)

· Social Media

· Blogging and Vlogging

Promotion: with event marketing

· Organization, Presentation and Coordination of scientific events

· Planning promotion and publicity activities

Strategy: for communication and media

· Targeted promotion and publicity of the projects and our clients' activities


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